Welcome to Jubilate!
The Women's Choir of Corvallis, Oregon.

What a glorious season!

Thank you for coming to our concerts. Without you we would not be singing.

The Summer Solstice fundraising concert for Chintimini Wildlife Center brought $2000. Thank you for your support.

This recent concert was very unique and exciting. We had a warm welcome not only from our patrons, but also from birds who reside in the grove and who enjoyed singing with us. They especially seem to enjoy sounds of the flute.

As our 20th year comes to an end our Artistic Director is already plotting another Winter Concert. We are looking forward to the surprise. It always takes hard work remembering words and learning music. However in the end it is all worth the effort, for we can enjoy another amazing concert with you.

Have a wonderful summer and come back in early fall for our new schedule.